Sheng Dong Inlet & Exhaust Valve & Seat Development

Sheng Dong Inlet & Exhaust Valve & Seat Development

Valve Tech Engineering Limited was approached by a Colombian Palm Oil Manufacturer. The clients Sheng Dong Gas Engine prime mover were suffering from premature valve recession. This valve recession was more pronounced on the Inlet Valve and Seats.

It was explained that the OEM cylinder heads had to be removed at circa 2,000 hours. This was purely due to Inlet Valve Recession. After a small amount of discussion it was agreed that Valve Tech Engineering Limited would manufacture replacement valves and seats to rectify the situation

Samples of the OEM valves and seats were sent away for chemical analysis. The results of which made for disturbing reading.
Valve Tech Engineering manufactured replacement components to our own specification and an on engine trial, was conducted over the next 8,000 hours. The Valve Tech Engineering valves far outperformed the OEM components by a factor of 8:1.

The success and longevity of our valves was communicated to the Engine Manufacturer and at the time of writing have entered into a Service Level Agreement for Valve Tech Engineering to supply them with the Valve Tech Engineering produced valve and seats.

As they say the rest is history and our Colombian client has enjoyed extended component life and reduced running costs. A win, win for all concerned.