We supply quality replacement valves for engines fuelled by landfill gas, natural gas, anaerobic digestion, coal gas, biological gas, and combined heat and power plants.

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As is common with most Engineering Managers, we are often asked to find alternative solutions to many problems. One such problem that was put before me, was to investigate and procure an alternative Exhaust Valve for the Jenbacher J320. Those in the know, will be painfully aware of the extortionate price that is demanded for the Jenbacher J320 Exhaust Valve. It must be noted at this juncture that very few, if any, engine manufacturer have the ability or the inclination to manufacture their own valve train components. This task is best left to the Valve Manufacturers who are experts in their given field. I had in the past worked for a major European large engine manufacturer, and I knew this statement to be true.

After nearly 15 years of refurbishing landfill gas cylinder heads from all types of manufacturers, we have gleaned a wealth of knowledge, as to which Engine Manufacturers have it right with reference to valve recession. Armed with this knowledge, we chemically analysed the components that worked and improved on them. We have the ability to commission valves and seats to our own chemical compassion, to a composition that we know brings longevity and maximises the time between cylinder head overhauling.
The image on the left is that of the Exhaust Valve part # 104-7184. This part number is used for reference only and differs greatly from the OEM product, due to its superior manufacturing process and is of a welded seat construction. The inlet valve # 210-2542 is flame hardened and is extremely durable against high siloxane laden gasses and oil.
Caterpillar Valve Tech G3516 Welded Seat[432]

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About us

The story of Valve Tech Engineering began back in 2006.

It was at this time that I left Man B&W as a Principal Commissioning Engineer so as to take up a position as the Maintenance Manager with a landfill gas company. The first thing that, I was faced with, in this new role, was that of finding a solution to premature wear and exhaust valve failures of the Jenbacher J320 prime mover.

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